Earlier this year, Lego transformed the popular block-based building game Minecraft into a full Lego set, and now the Portal series may be the next to receive a brick makeover. A team of four Lego enthusiasts named Team Jigsaw has designed three Lego sets based on the world of Portal and put the project up on Lego Cuusoo, a Kickstarter-esque site that allows users to submit projects and vote on others. The projects that receive at least 10,000 votes enter Lego's review process and get the chance to become an official Lego product.

Team Jigsaw's project proposes three different set concepts that even Lego thinks "capture the essence of the game." One set, GLaDOS' Chamber, includes minifigures of Chell, Wheatley, and GLaDOS as a potato, as well as a full figure of GLaDOS that measures 12 inches tall and 9 inches wide. The other sets allow for more customization in a testing chamber and a puzzle board game. The Portal project is currently the most popular on the site, and over 3/4 of the way to its goal. For more on this project, the inspiration behind it, and some other awesome Lego projects, head over to Lego Cuusoo (and maybe think about giving the Support button a click, you dangerous, mute lunatic).