Early, Late, Short, Long - Your Gaming Habits

I'm a pretty busy guy. I certainly don't have the time to game that I used to that's for sure, and I'm sure many of you folk are in the same boat as me.

Where I used to be able to get back from work and play for 2-3 hours, I often don't get that chance during the week. At the weekend I used to be able to play all day if I wanted, but now I may be able to fit in a couple of hours if I get chance, or sometimes squeeze in a long session if I arrange my time.

I'd guess that my gaming has dropped from around 30-40 hours a week, to about 3-5 hours in the last 3 years or so. Pretty dramatic really. But I still try and find the time.

Obviously most of my sessions are often about an hour long or so, but if I work it out, I can play for a fair bit longer.

Now, I'm much more a morning gamer. I like to try and get myself out of bed at around 8:00am, grab a coffee and try and play something before the afternoon comes around. That's if I wasn't too tired and feel like staying in bed. Maybe I can grab an hour some evenings before bed, but it doesn't happen too much.

How about you, what are you gaming habits or time slots?