Not A Happy Customer Even Before Getting My Hands on Gnex

Call me unfortunate, I placed the order for a Galaxy Nexus one day (July 3rd) before it was pulled from Google Play. I didn't, of course, expect that to happen. So I counted on their premises on "up to two business days processing and two day USPS shipment". Then there were the ban, then the Fourth of July, then ban was lifted and finally Gnex was back on shelf, only this time, it becomes sorta pre-order, saying "Ships in one to two weeks". I tried to get a hold of Custome Service after I heard about the ban and after the ban was lifted, asking about my order status and asking them to fulfill their duty and ship my order. I got three replies so far, all of which basically are saying they "cannot comment on exisiting order and I will be notified when my order status changes"(Now, how does that help any "Order Inquiries" in any shape or form?). Plus, in one email, the person referred to my order as a "pre-order".

To no avail, I tried to find other means to contact them, eg a phone number. I feel like I've fallen in a bureaucratic worm hole and all that I can do is to sit and wait till they remember my order collecting dust in the corner of their office. I hate to say this, but by far, this is the worst online shopping experience I've ever had, period. And I can't believe this is all Google's got.

If you're still reading, thank you for your time. Any advices or suggestions would be highly appreciated!