Microsoft's Windows 7 momentum shows no sign of slowing down despite the upcoming Windows 8 release in late October. The company revealed today that it has now sold over 630 million licenses of Windows 7, up 30 million from the previous figures released a month ago. Microsoft's Tami Reller revealed the stats during a keynote appearance at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference today in Canada.

Reller also revealed that 50 percent of enterprise desktops are now running Windows 7, admitting that most upgrades are from the aging Windows XP operating system. In comparison, Apple announced last month at it had shipped 26 million copies of OS X Lion, 40 percent of the total Mac install base of 66 million. As Microsoft looks to Windows 8 for its tablet plans, CEO Steve Ballmer revealed that the upgrade will cap an "epic year" for Microsoft. "Windows 8 is the biggest deal for our company in at least 17 years," he said during a keynote appearance today. "It's a very very big deal for Microsoft."