How about a thread about Symbian? Yes? Yes.

This seems like the best place to have one, as strictly it shouldn't belong in Linux/OpenSource.

Anyway, to the point! This thread is for posting about your experiences with Symbian. It doesn't matter which version you're using, or what type of phone it is.

To try to prevent any angst, here are some rules:

Include which version you are using (we don't want people getting the wrong impression). Don't post about other OSes, unless it is a comparison (there is room for that elsewhere). Please keep comparisons brief (they are certainly welcome though). Keep fanboy/girlism to minimum

- don't just go posting how great iOS/Android/WP7/BBOS/WebOS/Maemo/Meego/Bada are

- don't just post how great Symbian is (if the other's can't, the same must apply)

- absolutely no " suckz!1!1!!!"

My opinion

I think Symbian is a great OS. Yes, development of it into a touch friendly OS was slow and took rather too long, but with the last few releases, it has caught up. It's UI was the only real problem as the underlying OS is full of features that other OSes are only just starting to support. Not only that, but it is efficient with it's use of resources. In terms of ecosystem, there are over 120,000 apps if that sort of thing tickles your fancy, but few are needed, if any, if you want a phone that works well.

Personally I prefer Maemo (Debian based), but with qt, it is/was possible for it to exist in the same ecosystem as Symbian and BB OS10.