Assassin's Creed Film Receives Star

Read this first off:

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Pretty interesting, no? I didn't think I really knew the guy, until I noticed he played young Magneto. I really did like him in that.

It's interesting that they're picking him up for a 'starring' role, that being Desmond. Sounds to me like they might not be going for the historical angle,since when most people think of the game, they think of Altair or Ezio, even though you do technically play as Desmond. Of course, they could be including either of those two (or someone completely new) as well, but having the story focus a bit more on Desmond then the games have.

Either way, I'm looking forward to hearing more. I definitely have faith in Ubisoft making a decent movie adaptation, seeing how great Lineage was for AC2, and the company has far more control over the project then most get over their films. I was really hoping they'd make a live-action short film for each additional game, but apparently no-can-do, heh.

If you haven't watched Lineage before, watch it here in HD :

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