Today's update to Google Chrome Beta brings another HTML5 treat to the browser: it can now access your computer's webcam and microphone without the crutch of a plug-in. The new functionality works on the user's end just like location data (e.g. when you visit Google Maps in the browser and it asks for your information) — a bar will pop up at the top of the browser asking to gain access to your built-in webcam and microphone. The feature leverages the HTML5 getUserMedia API, and means that you won't need to use something like Adobe Flash or Silverlight to use your webcam in the browser. Google offers a couple of websites to test the interaction with, like Magic Xylophone and Webcam Toy. Other than fun with webcams, the update also puts Google Cloud Print printers (or FedEx offices) directly in the print dialog for easy access. You'll need Chrome 21 or above for the new features, which is available now in the Chrome Beta channel.