Switching from iPhone to Android

I'm done with iOS. iOS6 has useless gimmicks that I honestly don't care about. Google Now destroys Siri, I want more customization for my handset and Android has so much more to offer. Don't get me wrong, iOS5 was amazing when it's fully customized but iOS is simply not the future for me anymore.

Anyways, I was wondering:

1. What Android handset shall I get? I want a simple, clean form factor like the SGS: II (So I don't really like the SIII) but I want to be able to use Jellybean in the future, so it must be running ICS at this moment.. I'm currently leaning towards the G. Nexus, but will there be a new G. Nexus phone this year?

2. My girlfriend and I iMessage each other often, and I mean really often so I'd like to know if there's a fast messaging app for the Android? Which one is the best? I want to be able to communicate with my Android handset and her iPod Touch so this app must be available on the App Store.

3. I also want to be able to video chat with her when I'm away I want the best Android video calling app that's available to both iOS and Android, I really dislike Skype so I need some suggestions and the app must also be available on the App Store.

If there aren't any apps that I like I'm afraid I'll have to get the new iPhone, so please help!