The Verge Windows 8 Application Mockup (Update 2)

Original: Hi Verge, I just finished my first mockup. Took me a few hours.

(P.S. If anyone knows what fonts The Verge uses, could you please tell me?) Thanks, dotCarbon.

July 9: Repositioned the login.

July 10: I just updated this with a few minor changes, including making the top bar less obnoxious. There is a few minor changes to the font, haven't fully changed through with it yet. It does look better now, though.



crap. I forgot to make the logo in the background greyscale in this^



Please note: my Photoshop skills are not what one would call "professional". I'm an experienced ...beginner. So to speak.

I was originally going to post this in this thread, but I think it deserved one for itself.