The tech start-up and go-to code repository GitHub has announced that it has secured $100 million in funding, 99 percent of which is coming from venture-capital company Andreessen Horowitz. It's the first-ever outside funding for the company, which has already been "profitable for years." GitHub CEO Tom Preston-Werner told the Wall Street Journal that his company intends to build-out its current 100-strong team with a focus on enterprise sales and international expansion. Andreessen Horowitz's Peter Levine is joining GitHub's board and is unsurprisingly excited about the company's prospects, calling it "the de facto social network for programmers."

Indeed, in the blog post announcing the funding, Preston-Werner focuses on the company's ambitions to expand what it currently offers rather than veering off into new directions, writing "we want GitHub everywhere—whether you use Windows or Mac or Linux or some futuristic computer phone that hasn't been invented yet." Speaking of "futuristic computer phone[s]," GitHub also has just released an app for Android which developers can use to track projects on the site. Sure, it's likely just a coincidence, but we suppose it's an apropos one for open source devotees.