App launch times on 2012 Macbook Pro 13"

Hi guys, So i've had about 3 weeks with my new macbook, i have a couple of concerns; when i compare app launch times with my wife's sandy bridge core i5 laptop with the exact same amount of ram and same HDD (4GB + 500GB 5400rpm) as my Macbook Pro;

1.The app launch times dont add up, on the windows PC clicking on the iTunes icon after clearing RAM and processes after a fresh restart, iTunes launches almost instantaneously, same goes with office programs, like word powerpoint etc.

2. On the Macbook the itunes icons bounce for like 4 seconds before the app launches, same conditions as above.

At first i thought maybe my wife has an SSD, but sure enough she has a Hitachi 5400rpm 500GB HDD, while mine is a Toshiba 5400rpm 500GB HDD.

I have no other qualms about the performance of the machine, it runs smooth and fast, rarely a stutter. Just the app launch times, is this normal?