Is the galaxy nexus worth it.

I have never used an android device as my main phone before. I have been using an iPhone for 4 years. Recently my iPhone 4 broke and I needed a replacement phone. I was able to get a GSII skyrocket as a replacement phone for my iPhone. I was going to upgrade to an iPhone 5 this fall but my sister used my upgrade without telling me. I want the best android experience. Is there a huge different between the galaxy nexus and the skyrocket? I can't get an iPhone for reduced price anymore so I was just thinking of selling the skyrocket for a galaxy nexus if it was actually worth the trouble. I have heard that battery life on the skyrocket is not the best while the nexus is better. That the cameras are comparable and the nexus has a better screen. The skyrocket will be in my possession tomorrow. So I am debating on selling it as new. The only thing I want to know is if the nexus is really worth all the hype. It is pretty cheap right now.