Microsoft Touch Mouse and WindowsRT

I've been doing some searching since Microsoft announced their new hardware lineup, specifically the updates to the Microsoft Touch Mouse. Personally, I love the mouse; it makes things smooth and functional, and the new gestures to be added to support Windows 8 will make the OS even more of a pleasure to use (I have been testing the OS since the Dev preview, and using it as my only OS since the Consumer Preview).One thing I have been unable to find is if the Microsoft Touch Mouse will work on WindowsRT. I plan on purchasing a SurfaceRT tablet when they launch in October and I would absolutely LOVE if I could occationally plug in my Touch Mouse and use it, especially since all the new gestures are more useful for the metro environment than the desktop one.Since the Touch Mouse will work with basic functionality (left and right clicking, and simple up/down scrolling) without running the software, and Windows RT will have a basic mouse driver installed, I'm sure that much will work... I mostly want to know if the gestures will run. If anyone has any information, or somewhere I can ask that may get a better answer, please post in the comments.