Why does Boot Camp take so long to start?

Quite aside from the various driver issues, I don't quite understand why Boot Camp takes three-plus times as long as a real Windows ultrabook (with no boot optimisation) - or twice-plus as many times as even a Fusion session (converted from a Boot Camp partition, natch) running on an iMac - to start up on my Air's.

Any answers? I could put it down to an installation problem if it was just one machine but it's a common factor on all of my 11 and 13-inch i7 Air's, all with 256Gb SSDs,

It's actually not just limited to the Air's but since these are the machines on which I'd most like to be able to start into Windows where necessary, it's the biggest issue on these.

In a roughly timed test with various machines, Boot Camp boot takes about twice as long as a pre-Sandy-Bridge machine running a SATAII SSD, and running a CrystalDiskmark test on it shows that the Macs take a decisive lead in terms of read speed in Windows - yet the PC is still considerably faster in terms of starting Windows. And when compared with directly comparable machines in terms of hardware, that disparity goes up to >3x the time despite the disk speeds being roughly comparable. Also we aren't really talking about the EFI boot section of the boot sequence - the Air's sit on the 'Starting Windows' screen for considerably longer than 'real' Windows PC's. Hardware wise, sure there will be that additional delay with the EFI boot but beyond that, as far as I can see there shouldn't be any impediment to a sub-20-sec boot time.

I've posted this once before elsewhere, but it - as might be expected on an Apple-only forum - just turned into a 'Well my Windows starts up slower than OS X but that's because OS X is better, and who gives a shit about Windows anyway I only use stuff for work on it" line of 'discussion'. However I'm quite keen to get to the bottom of this one way or another since it is quite a regular annoyance.

Anyone have ideas? Resolutions?