Verge Open Thread: August 1st, 2012

A new day, a new month, which only means one thing — technology news! This is the second installment of the Verge Open Thread, where we bring you only the best stories from the internet, the dark corners of the world, and the vast emptiness that is outer space. There's a ton of stories to be talked about, so let's get to it! And remember, we're always looking for ways to do things better, ways to improve, etc., so sound off in the comments!

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David Pierce: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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Samsung angers judge by sending rejected evidence from Apple trial to the media

Judge Lucy Koh is furious that the company sent the press rejected evidence after the court overruled repeated attempts to introduce it at trial.

Nearly 40 iPhone and iPad prototypes revealed in Samsung trial

Stringer said that Apple created "hundreds" of different models over the course of the design process, some of which would receive even more iterations as the team would try out different individual elements for the device. an all-new Metro style Hotmail with Skype video calling

Built with the same Metro design as Windows 8, brings together cloud connected accounts, data, and a familiar email service with a new look. Microsoft is also enabling threaded messaging by default and introducing Skype video web calling.

Digg launches redesign and new app with editorial curation, no comments

Old features like the Newsbar and Newsrooms have been scuttled in favor of a simpler site that emphasizes top stories, popular stories, and "upcoming" stories. Betaworks also says that it's changed the Digg score to take social sharing from Facebook and Twitter into account when ranking stories. The front page of Digg will also be editorially driven instead of entirely based on a Digg score algorithm.

Mars rover landing to be screened in Times Square

The expected landing of NASA's Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars next Monday will be shown live on twin LED displays in New York's Times Square, according to an announcement from the space agency.

Google delays Nexus Q launch, will send free dev devices to pre-order customers

Google has just let us know that it is delaying the launch of the Nexus Q as it works to improve the device. It's not all bad news for those who pre-ordered, however: Google has informed us that those who did reserve the device will be receiving it in its current form for free.

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