Five new Asus-made accessories for the Nexus 7 are "coming soon," according to retailer Mobile Fun. The new accessories listed on the site include a screen protector, a leather Rotating Stand Case — which allows you to rotate the Nexus 7 from landscape to portrait — and the less expensive leather Stand Case, which props the Nexus 7 in landscape mode. The Folio Case opens like a book and is the first official case to use the tablet's built-in magnetic sensor to switch the display on and off, which will prove useful with the Nexus 7's popularity as a reading device. Users had previously discovered the Nexus 7's magnetic sensor, so it's no surprise to see Asus making use of that hardware. Mobile Fun also lists a Bluetooth Keyboard case, for any who may be using the device for work or simply prefer a keyboard.

The screen protector is obviously the least expensive at £14.95 (about $23), the Rotating Stand Case will sell for £27.95 (about $44), and the Stand Case is listed at £22.95 (about $36). The Folio Case will sell for £39.99 (about $62), and the Bluetooth Keyboard Case is expectedly the most expensive at £79.95, or about $125. None of the accessories are available for purchase yet, and these prices will likely change when the cases hit the US market.

Update: Asus has reached out to us to clarify that none of these accessories are produced or sanctioned by either it or Google.