Simple Mobile, an MVNO running on T-Mobile's HSPA+ network, has lowered its top-tier of service from $60 to $50. In addition to the price drop, the carrier is also claiming that the network is now faster, though it hasn't qualified that with any technical details. One user on HowardForums — a popular haunt for cell service technicians and enthusiasts — posted what he or she claims is a dealer email from Simple Mobile, saying:


Simple Mobile is changing the game again. Effective Wednesday, August 1 st, Simple Mobile is lowering the high-speed unlimited plan from $60 to $50 and improving the data speed on the existing $40 plan.

Orders for Simple Mobile SIM Cards have already spiked in anticipation of when this change takes effect and the fear that this may create shortage of SIM Cards in the market. So, place your orders now and stay ahead of the game

Prior to today, Simple Mobile's High-Speed Unlimited plan offered common HSPA+ speeds until the user hit a nebulous and unpublished limit that hovers around 2GB, according to some HowardForums users. The $40 plan — which also includes "unlimited data," though not at "4G speeds" — was also rumored to be using T-Mobile's throttling mechanism to limit users to 120KBps. No real-world tests of either the $50 or $40 plans have surfaced as of yet, but we're sure that customers won't turn down faster speeds at a lower price, even if Simple Mobile's language is a bit ambiguous.