Maybe switching to Mirrorless

Hmm, I'm having second thoughts about my DSLR, while it has great image quality and ticks practically all the boxes, there's one problem: the size and weight, it's just too darn big! Every time I see a CSC, I think to myself, in such a small package they're able to fit the quality of a DSLR in a relatively small size, anyway if I sell my DSLR, I'd probably get around £400 for it, and so there are two options in that price range I'm thinking of: the NEX 5n or the Lumix GX1, with Photokina around the corner, prices for these cameras are dropping, or should I wait and see what their successors are going to be like?

What would be the better choice? Getting the GX1 or the 5N, or waiting until Photokina?