Research firm Canalys just released its quarterly estimates on global PC shipments for Q2, and the news isn't looking great for Dell and HP. The new data shows that HP and Dell saw shipments decline 11.3 percent and 10.9 percent year-over-year, respectively. HP was still the second-biggest manufacturer with 13.5 million PCs shipped, while Dell slipped all the way to fifth place with 9.7 million shipments.

By contrast, the other three members from the top five PC makers saw shipments increasing, with Apple leading the way with a whopping 59 percent increase over Q2 2011. Of course, Canalys is including tablet shipments in its numbers — a fact that certainly props up Apple's overall numbers here. With the iPad included, Canalys estimated that Apple shipped 21.1 million computers last quarter, significantly more than HP, its nearest competitor. Still, Lenovo also saw a healthy increase of 27 percent, while Acer only grew about four percent year-over-year.

From a global perspective, Canalys found that the Europe / Middle East / Africa region grew the most this quarter — 30.7 million shipments represented a 17.3 percent increase. Alternately, the Asia Pacific saw the slowest growth, with only an eight percent gain year-over-year. That region still shipped the most PCs — 40.2 million, to be exact. As for North America, shipments here grew 10.6 percent to 26.9 million units.

Lastly, the biggest growth segment was not a region or OEM, but the tablet segment overall. Canalys estimated that tablet shipments increased 75 percent year-over-year to 24 million units, representing 22 percent of the entire market. So while Apple's certainly getting a major boost from the iPad, these other OEMs could get a nice bump as the year goes along and Microsoft Windows 8 tablets hit the market.