Contact Management In Microsoft Ecosystem

hi there

i am an iphone user, have all my contacts saved on google contacts but i am migrating to wp8 so i wanted to break away from googles grip

when i first tryed the windows8 beta i really liked the contacts app, and since its all going in the cloud of windows devices i thought i should start ordering them as soon as W8 lands

when lunched with the contacts tab, i thought i should give and self a head start and start the job

i imported my gmail, twitter, msn and facebook contacts but thats it..... tthats all i can do

i cant delete a gmail imported contact nor a fFB or twitter

i mean in twitter for example not every one you follow is a contact that you know and interact with so its kinda stupid keeping them as my contacts, same goes for facebook

so what i am trying to say is.... whats the point really ? its going to be a mess

what i thought is i am going to import them, match the users from different networks and wallah! i am done

any thoughts on what to do ?

note: are wp contacts this messy ? i mean if i have a contact with an email only will it still show when i want to dial someone ?