Usain Bolt's grabbing all the headlines today following another dominant performance at the London 2012 Olympics, this time in defense of his 200m sprint title. In amongst the pictures accompanying coverage of his feat, however, you might find a few taken by the "living legend" himself.

In the immediate aftermath of his victory, Bolt borrowed a Nikon D4 from Swedish photographer Jimmy Wixtröm and proceeded to take some impromptu pictures of his surroundings — a first-person visualization of what it means to be the fastest man in the world, if you will. Wixtröm's newspaper, Aftonbladet, has posted up a few of Bolt's images over on its website, along with an explanation of how the pro photographer convinced the Olympic champ to take the pictures (spoiler: it involved a lot of pestering in advance of the event). Below you'll find our favorite from the Bolt batch: a still capturing fellow Jamaican runner Yohan Blake striking his signature "beast" pose.