Outlook/Windows Live/Lumia

So till yesterday my Windows Live id was registered as a gmail id ending with @gmail.com which I used to use to log in. On some whim yesterday I upgraded it to @outlook.com - so now I have a new @outlook.com id which also happens to be my new Windows Live ID.

Till now, all good.

Then I realized that on my Lumia 710, the Windows Live ID cannot be updated without a phone reset (if I'm wrong here please let me know!). Till now the phone is working fine - but, can anyone tell me if it will continue to do so with the old credentials of a @gmail.com id as the Windows Live ID or in the near future it needs to be reset and the new @outlook.com id used?

It'll be a major #fail from MS if this upgrade of ID's cause us Lumia owners to reset their phones. But even then, working via old credentials also seem, with the lack of a better way to put it, a little fishy.

Any thoughts or experiences?