Is Google's approach Evolutionary where Apple's is Intelligent Design?

Now i don't want this to be an Apple Vs Google troll-fest, but i do find the differing approaches of these companies interesting.

To my mind, Android exemplifies Google's approach to development: throwing stuff out there without fear of failure and seeing what works. Anybody with some knowledge of evolution knows how powerful this strategy is. Yes, it can be messy, but there's an inevitability about its constant march toward good products. This approach will be a turn off to anyone who wants instant perfection and a hassle free experience, but for those willing to be patient, the results can be hugely rewarding.

On the other hand, Apple is about control, perfection and getting it right off the bat. Their image cannot abide by the kind of mess inherent in Google's apparent approach. It is like they do project the image of the omnipotent, all powerful source of design perfection. People buy into that and love the feel good factor it brings. Their products tend to be a more complete package off the bat, but you give up a lot in terms of flexibility and choice. Admittedly they needed the second coming of Steve Jobs after a wee hiccup but there no denying the cult like status that the apple brand brings.

Now my personal vote will always be with the evolutionary approach and i like flexibility and the adaptability of the evolutionary approach will always win. Jelly Bean, to my mind, outshines iOS 5 and iOS 6 doesn't look like it's going to change that. Jelly Bean has all of the flexibility of previous versions and adds a smooth user experience - it took a while but it's definitely here. I predict that we'll be hearing more grumbling about iOS as they struggle to add functionality without having to re-engineer the UI. The Apple model just doesn't lend itself to easy adaptation.

Between Google and Android, irrespective of which you choose, it's undeniably a great age for gadget lovers.

What do you all think about the contrasting approaches of these two companies that are wrestling for our souls?