SkyDrive allows change to billing country

As everyone knows, one of the long standing issues with the Windows ecosystem is the way it locks you into a particular country when you fist create your Windows Live ID (now Microsoft Account). This has caused all kinds of headaches for people who move countries, are unable to use their new local marketplaces, update their credit card info, etc.

It appears now, however, that if you get a SkyDrive subscription you can add a credit card with a billing country other than your original one. If you click this link: you are taken to a page that allows you to choose billing country and enter a new credit card.

Note that I do not know if this change would then reverberate back to the central Microsoft Account, effectively changing your billing country for all linked services (Xbox, Zune, etc.) or if this somehow creates a "sub-account" of some sort.

I have not had a chance to try this since my new UK credit card is in the mail, but perhaps somebody else wants to give it a shot.