Apple and Samsung's court filings have revealed plenty of US sales numbers for the companies, but one unassuming phone stands out: the Galaxy Prevail, an Android 2.2 phone that launched on non-contract network Boost. According to the sales charts, the Prevail sold almost 2.3 million units in the US, outstripping the more lucrative Epic 4G, which launched in 2010. Sales peaked in mid-2011 around launch, but it continued to sell solidly through 2012.

The Prevail was the first CDMA phone to launch on Boost, and it sold for a mere $179.99 with no contract. Despite its popularity, though, it wasn't making too much money for Samsung: it brought in less revenue than the Vibrant, which sold half as many units. The list here includes 24 phones that have been accused of infringement, including the Galaxy S II, and sales run from mid-2010 to the first half of 2012. The full list is below, with units displayed in thousands and revenue in millions of US dollars.