M: The Story Behind Metro

Designer Mike Guss worked or works at Microsoft in Design and did principal work on the Metro Design Language. This post is as close as we will get to Metro's origin. Long Zheng at I Started Something posted this earlier.

From the post:

But XXXXX is not about any particular school of design. Some designers look at XXXXXas a style guide. Using beautiful typography, negative space and grids should be a given. It is not simply getting rid of gradients, limited use of color, san-serifs, placing squares, cutting off text, and presto, you haveXXXXX! The original intended use of XXXXX was a set of principles that helped us not lose focus on what our goals are when designing a product. On a philosophical level, XXXXX is ultimately about making and doing things better. Mike Guss


Plus some images to whet the appetite


via payload76.cargocollective.com


via payload76.cargocollective.com