Laptop Screen Needs a Tribe Diagnosis

Hello fellow Tribe Members;

Back in November I had accidently dropped my laptop (while it was in it's case) about three feet onto a hard floor. I took the laptop out of the case and went to power it on and it displayed all of these black, white, and sometimes different color lines. These lines filled the entire screen and made it unusable. The screen itself was not cracked but up in the left side of the screen is just a line of dead pixels and it appears that the bulb or something inside is indeed broke. What I'm asking is what should i do? I have been able to manage so far by having my laptop plugged into my two 22" monitors but with school coming up very soon, I need to get this thing fixed. I found a new screen on Amazon but I'm not 100% sure if that is the problem and I don't want to order it and find out that I don't even need it or if it wouldn't fix the problem. Thanks for your help fellow tribesmen and tribeswomen. I attached a picture of my laptop below.