iOS Widgets idea

I've been reading the articles about the new iPhone, how the screen will be bigger, the resolution higher and all that, and when reading some comments about how some users could only ever imagine widgets in iOS in Notification Center, I had an idea. I have NO idea how to make mockups or anything like that so I just ask that you use your imagination.

So, you swipe down NC on your iPhone and you're immediately presented with all your notifications (or a "No New Notifications" screen, for the more tidy among us). What if, instead of being a single swipe-down, you could move laterally (paginated, of course)? What if a swipe to the left (or right, whichever way) swiped away notifications and showed all your widgets instead, in a scrollable view? The new iPhone would be able to fit 5, maybe 6 in one screen view without scrolling, and of course since Notification Center can be scrolled indefinitely there's no limit to the amount of widgets you can have.

Sorry if this idea has been presented elsewhere or something, just had the idea and wanted to post it somewhere. Thoughts?