Nexus 7 - after extended use, has anyone changed their mind?

Reviews are so quickly put up for products that, sometimes, they're wrong. (Like the Motorola Atrix at Engadget).

I'm thinking of getting a Nexus 7, but I'm just a little worried that, after the Google I/O fun has worn off, that it might not be as good as people say. I don't have an iPad, and I was going to buy one until the Nexus. But i generally only need a 7" and I've been fine with the PlayBook up until now. But I want to upgrade.

So my question is: are the screen problems widespread as they sound, are there heaps of faults, will I probably need to get a replacement unit? Will it last for 2 years? And, if I just want web browsing, movies, newspapers, magazines, email and maybe an occasional game, will the Nexus be enough? Or should I get an iPad for things like Paper?

And does anyone regret getting a Nexus 7 over an iPad? And if so, why?

I've had bad luck with tech, as in I almost always get faulty hardware. So is it likely that I'll spend more time than it's worth before I get a defect-free unit?

Edit: also, any Apps that you wish you could get for the Nexus?