Tonight's court documents in the Apple vs. Samsung case included a 94-page document that once again shows that Samsung spent a considerable amount of time comparing its products to the iPhone. Perhaps more importantly for Apple's case, the document comparing the "Behold 3" (aka the Vibrant) to the iPhone contains many "Suggested Improvements" that often read like attempts to emulate the iPhone.

Of course, the devil is in the details and it will be up to the jury to decide if it amounts to an attempt to copy. For example, under "Aesthetics_Browsing," Samsung notes the iPhone's "bouncing visual effect" and suggests that it "provide a fun visual effect when dragging a web page" in response. Another interesting example, though outside the scope of this case, is where Samsung notes that the iPhone has a simpler "Slide to Unlock" feature — that particular feature is actually a fairly good example of how patents have affected Android development.

In all, the new document doesn't seem quite as powerful as Tuesday's 132-page revelation, but it does hammer home the point that Samsung was bent on beating Apple in as many ways as possible — right on down to nitty gritty details like "the transition time from entered letter to secured letter" when entering passwords.