Verge, y u no HTML5???

being a technology site with incredible gecko-optimized code and kind of called...the verge, why do you still require flash for your videos like 90sotv?

why not use a html5 codec and code? I have finally upgraded to android, to the galaxy nexus with shiny stock JB (from something i don't need to mention, it includes "6.5" and first word rhymes with blows), and the stock browser is supposed to handle flash but even that's not working (let alone the wonderful chrome for android). I'm directed to flash app on the play store which says my nexus is not compatible with it and it's being discontinued anyway.

so why not go the route that's comfortable for EVERYBODY?

i KNOW there's the app (and i love you, verge app....i will faithfully drain many hours of my nexus's battery watching your videos), but the app is not the whole verge experience. that is on the web - the desktop version, and when on the web on the phone, (desktop works very well on chrome, smooth & beautiful), flash is nothing but a roadblock from 2004.