Polynauts Assemble! Issue #1: The Official Polynauts Comic/Manga/Anime/Cartoons Discussion Thread


Header by some guy named BreadKnight, I think he's a fan of that Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon or something.

So, True Believers! Today embarks on the brand new rebooted Polynauts starting from a new issue #1 for collector's everywhere! Marvel! DC! Others! All in one place! Talk about what you're reading, what you want to read, old favorites, adaptations (Comics, Films, etc.), and more! And due to popular demand, we talk about manga here too!

I'll get things started, I'm personally reading Marvel's Civil War and all of it's tie-ins, Spider-Men (Thanks BreadKnight!), and a few other series on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited (The awesome digital comic service that Marvel has going that let's you read over 10,000 books from their catalog). My favorites books? Runaways, Young Avengers, Watchmen, Ultimate Spider-Man, the Whedon/Cassidy run of Astonishing X-Men, and Batman: The Long Halloween. My favorite characters? Rorschach, Batwoman, Spider-Man, the Midnighter, and Batman.

I mostly just watch the cartoons and films, but I've been getting more and more into the comics lately and there's been plenty of discussion about them on Polynauts Central so we thought we'd give things their own thread so we can talk about visionaries like Jeph Loeb and Rob Liefield without slowing people's computers down so much. Also, I read a decent bit of manga with my favorites being Rurouni Kenshi, Yu-Gi-Oh! (Screw you to pal!), and Bakuman (No, not that marble show despite what my love of Yu-Gi-Oh! may lead you to believe).

Oh, and it's cartoons and anime too now!


Try not to set anything on fire, okay guys?