Lenovo just announced its business-centric ThinkPad Tablet 2, but there was another Windows 8 device from the company we originally saw back at CES: the convertible laptop / tablet called the IdeaPad Yoga, which has a screen that flips all the way around the back the device to convert into a tablet mode. When we saw it at CES, it was running on a Core i7 Intel processor — which would line it up as a full Windows 8 device. However, ABC News' Joanna Stern reports that the company is planning on releasing an ARM-based version running Windows 8 RT at "around the time" that Microsoft is releasing the OS itself, October 26th. That news lines up perfectly with an earlier report that Lenovo was working with Nvidia on a Windows RT tablet.

This second version of the Yoga will reportedly have twice the battery life of the Intel version. Hopefully it will also cost less as well — the Intel version will start at around $1,900 when it ships, but we still don't have a firm release date yet.