Samsung has seen fit to release the Galaxy S III in white, blue, and a new red color, but to date it has avoided releasing the most obvious color of all: black. There have been some ambiguous photos (like the one above from Samsung's Facebook page) that have made some believe that the company was finally coming around, but its blue color can and does appear black from certain angles. Nevertheless, hope for the least-ostentatious color option springs eternal, and according to an image leaked to Android Police, Carphone Warehouse now has a listing on its internal systems for a black version of the phone. Sadly, there's no word on when it could arrive, but previous accuracy on Galaxy S III leaks from Carphone Warehouse does lend some credence to the possibility that it will be released at some point. The only real question left is what cute adjective will be in the official color name — we're holding out hope for "Black Tie Edition."