Why is the verge using this story stream image?


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That image is worse than the original galaxy s to iphone comparisons because the gs II is even larger in comparison to the iphone, yet that image gives the impression the proportions are the same.

It's the kind of image an apple lawyer would doctor and use, what gives? I can easily grant the argument that samsung went overboard on the copying of the icon style and layout with the galaxy s, but the SII comparisons are much weaker in both software and hardware.

Here is a more accurate image.


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That shows a much bigger difference, the gs II is the more attractive device [opinion] in large part due to the fact that more of the front face is filled with the screen. The iphone 4/4s is very top and bottom heavy with non screen space, it has a big forehead and jay leno chin because they refused to make a larger screen and fill out more space. If they actually do extend the screens vertical space that would alleviate that, but the gsII is clearly the more balanced looking phone from the front IMO.

If you want to say samsung copied the sleek slate style design, too bad. You should not be able to get trade dress protections on that. The beauty of a sleek slate should never be corded off and allowed to have apple collect monopoly rents on variations of those designs.


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That last is not even real but it gets the sleek slate idea across (PLEASE MAKE THAT PHONE SONY, P L E A S E).... getting too sidetracked. Basic question was, again, why use the misleading comparison photo? flame bait?