People don't think Samsung phones are like iPhones. People think MOST phones are iPhones!,

Something occurred to me the other day. Samsung are missing a trick. I live in London England and spent a few days recently with a friend that works at Carphone Warehouse. While I was there, inevitably chatting to customers about tech and phones as I have used just about most things out there, people would ask what I own. At this point I would pull out my phone, without turning it on, and put it on the table. I was often amused (bemused?) when I got the question,

"Is that an iPhone?"

I was amused because I have a Galaxy Nexus. This question came up all the time. Then it really clicked to me when I was playing with both the iPad and the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (with a name that is still too long). If I had the Tab in my hand and the customer hadn't seen the iPad, I'd get the question "is that an iPad?"

No one here would mistake a G.Nex or a Tab for iDevices. But it goes on.

People would come in asking for an iDevice and through questioning, it turned out they knew nothing about it, some didn't even know what it looked like, they just knew they should get one. As one of my tech friends who repairs phones explained, it's like Nokia 2.0 - they don't care what it is, as long as it has the name on it.

Apple's advertising and mindshare is so stupendous that if you hold it, and it has a screen, it's either an iDevice or like an iDevice. You really have to work selling multiple brands to see how true this is. Back when the Galaxy S was released I thought "why does it look so much like an iPhone? Great originality guys!" Now it doesn't even matter. Apple just has everyone thinking that way through amazingly effective and consistent advertising.

If I were Samsung I would just say of course people get confused. Apple just has everyone drinking their coolaid.