Lets Play Mass Effect, Together.


So here is the deal. I would like to test a experiment I have about community input. As some might know the Mass Effect games didn't get a spot on my best of list. But like Resident Evil 4, I own multiple copies of each game. Needless to say I love the series. I love it so much that I am working (fighting) my way to create a webseires related to the show. But I'm trying something different with the show. I would like to add the audience's input on events. Similar to how Mass Effect allowed players to help shape the games in their story. Unlike the games this is a community effort, with "YOU" as the audience.

With that said, I would like to, in the next week or so play through all three games. With you all as the directors/writer. All the choices made throughout the game will come down to you all. It would be based upon a voting system/popularity. Unless there is a deadlock then I will step in and make a final choice.

Now this includes everything. From Shepard's background, to look, to class, romance, squad mates, the whole shebang. Everything but skill points.

As far as playtime, I would be playing on weekends only. So in order for this to work, monday's through fridays is when you will see updates on what previously happened. I will try my best to foreshadow some events to happen paths to take missions to complete and so forth. Then on monday I'll will provide a breakdown, and what is next to come. It would be like reading a TV show instead of watching. This could also be a great way for those who only wanted to experience the story and not really play the games to get in on some fun.

And to kick things off we can start by customizing Shepard.

Male or Female?


Sentinel, Soldier, Vanguard, Engineer, Adept, Infiltrator


Spacer, Colonist, Earthborn

War Hero, Sole Survivor, Ruthless

So wadya say? You wanna play?