Help! Why aren't my smartphones SMARTER!!!



I carry an iPhone as my personal phone and a Samsung Galaxy S III for my work phone. I have gmail accounts for personal email and an imap account for work email. I would love to find a service to sync all of my contacts from both phones to one account that can be used on my iPhone, Android, and MacBook Pro. Not to mention find a calendar app that works best on all three devices. That's just the start of my problems, but I'm at the point I just want a quality app on my Android that handles my imap account that then has an Apple counterpart for my iPhone and MacBook. I have to use folders or tags to keep my many business emails organized. I was hoping Sparrow was going to be my answer then they got sold.

So here's my current setup.

Personal Phone - iPhone4 w/ iOS6 beta4
Personal email - Apple Email App
Work email - Sparrow App
Calendar & Contacts - Sync via iCloud
Work Phone - Samsung Galaxy S III w/ ICS
Personal email - Gmail App
Work email - Mail app
Calendar & Contacts - Sync via Gmail
Work Computer - MacBook Pro
Personal email - Sparrow
Work Email - Thunderbird
Calendars & Contacts - Sync via iCloud

This is my cry for help! I know I can't be the only one. I'm willing to spend whatever money to make my business and personal world easier. As the General Manager I'm able to do whatever except for move my work email to a different email provider. So if anyone else has advice I'm all ears.

Before this happens...