When will Windows Phone get its Jelly Bean moment?

When I switched from Android to WP I was sure that I was never going back. I know that WP is a maturing OS and it will slowly iron out issues. When I flashed Jelly Bean on my Kindle I was amazed with Google's effort on the UI and responsiveness of the OS! I am using a f***ing one year old cheap ass hardware and it is at least 5 times faster than my Windows Phones (yes have multiple!). The multitasking works like a charm on the new Androids and UI is just as responsive as WP.

Third Party App Performance and Features

This is the biggest gripe. I don't care about the number of apps for the platform but the existing regular apps suck soooooo bad in WP. Facebook, Whatsapp, Pulse etc are apps we use every hour. I can't wait for 30-60s every time just for them to load. I even wonder if MS taking this issue seriously! Moreover many major apps on WP lack many features compared to their iOS, Android counterparts.

Stock Android isn't ugly nor buggy anymore. I wonder if I can wholeheartedly recommend WP to a friend anymore. There are few very nice touches on WP like the Me tile, the amazing back button etc but I think there are too many others that ruin the experience. Windows Phone OS "flows" beautifully and it is an amazing concept. But the 3rd party apps are a major part of the smartphone experience and Microsoft needs to fix it.

As for android, I am very very impressed with JellyBean. I am stunned by the change and its performance on low end hardware. The core OS is good and the third party apps have improve a lot since 2.3. It has an amazing browser, improved stability and feels complete now.