Opinions on Jellybean and Why I Choose Windows Phone

Hey guys, just thought I would throw together a quick post about this. I got the opportunity to handle a galaxy nexus with jellybean on it, and I just gotta say... wow. It was responsive, like had been promised many, many iterations ago, it looked great, and multitasking was simple. The whole thing felt modern and fresh. I didn't let this deter me from loving my windows phone, though. We don't have the obvious advantage over android anymore of responsiveness, but what we do have is a unique look at how phones should be. I think I like windows phone because it works with me, or gets out of my way. Android still has the millions of bells and whistles, checked boxes, and endless customizations, but that's not why I use a phone. I want something that helps me get what I want done. I don't want to put hours and hours into minor changes, I want something that just works. Windows Phone helps me get work done, and then move on to the next task. There's some opportunity for customization, but it never gets in the way. It works with me, not against me. That's my take on it. Windows Phone is now going to be judged on other merits of the system, and I think there's a lot of reason to be confident. We have a compelling OS, and people will recognize that. Thanks for reading, team.