Vergecraft 2.0 Capital City Proposal

Vergecraft 2.0 Capital proposal on Twitpic

Hey peeps. With the reset inevitable, it's time to think about new structures and the like. I humbly submit my proposal for the new capital city. The unnamed centerpiece will float above bedrock with a moat to prevent against intrusion (and to limit reckless building). Four bridges will tie it to the surrounding area, ultimately known as the suburbs. Note that nothing is set in stone (lawl) and nothing is quite to scale. The base will be roughly the same size as Oceana's with a strict height cap so neighboring areas will be able to peer down into the city and see its structure from any distance. The area will be divided into five major sections.

- The Centerpiece/Fairway: The centerpiece consists of a glass pyramid that will serve as the exit point for some underground tutorial/introduction to Vergecraft for new players (everyone will simply spawn outside it once the tutorial is complete). Outside the pyramid will be massive statues of the four primary Vergecraft staff: Sottek, Miller, Patel, and Topolsky, each pointing in a different cardinal direction. The center will be ringed by a fairground for people to meet, have group photos, so forth. Each footpath from the center will greet a bridge that will take people outside the capital. These fairways will be embedded with fast subway routes served by the Transportation Hub

- The Transportation Hub: This structure will carry any citizen to and from the capital city easily. One layer of subway transportation will be a two-rail circuit between the outer destinations with subway stops in each area. A second layer will feed out underneath the bridges (in uniform fashion each way with plenty of expansion room for when the suburbs/faction areas grow and locations will become further and further away. This location will feature a single Nether portal to facilitate fast transport and mining as well.

- The Residences: Permanent and Temporary places for people to live. My dream was to build a cube-based sculpture in uniform style for people new to the server with space to put your name, so forth.

- The Spleef Arena: Since the capital city will be a neutral location, it makes sense that it host an area of competition. The arena will be incredibly large with multiple levels to accommodate longer play sessions as well as team play

- Park/Farm: A place where new players can acquire wood and food before making their way out to the suburbs or beyond

Would love to hear your thoughts.