Verge Open Thread: August 11-12, 2012

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Dan Rubenstein: Friday, August 10th, 2012

News from The Verge passes $500,000 funding goal in quest to do Twitter the right way

Dalton Caldwell's ambitious attempt at a new kind of social network has just achieved its no less daring goal of half a million US dollars in pledged funding.

After warning Microsoft to 'think twice' about Surface, Acer CEO still thinks it will have a 'negative effect'

The article quotes him as saying that "Microsoft's actions will have a rather negative impact on the long-established PC ecosystem," but that "[Acer] has no intentions of quitting the Windows-based tablet PC market, and is aggressively developing related devices."

Google to begin punishing pirate sites in search results

It'll start generally downranking sites that receive a high volume of copyright infringement notices from copyright holders. Google says the move is designed to "help users find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily"

Apple asked Samsung to pay as much as $30 per Android phone, $40 per tablet for patent licenses

Apple had made overtures in the past toward the electronics giant in the past in an effort to secure a licensing deal that would cover patents it believed were being infringed, noting that Samsung is a "strategic supplier."

The benefits of working at Google continue after death

The first and most significant contribution Google makes is to keep paying 50 percent of employees' salaries for a decade after their death. If they had any dependent children, Google will support them with $1,000 per month until they reach the age of 19 (that age limit is raised to 23 if they're in full-time education).

WhatsApp reappears in the Windows Phone Marketplace

Cross-platform messenger and SMS-replacement app WhatsApp has reappeared in the Windows Phone Marketplace today after its mysterious disappearance earlier this month.

Demonoid torrent tracker puts its domains up for sale

Three Demonoid domains — .me, .com, and .ph — are all currently available to purchase on domain marketplace Sedo. While it was previously believed that Demonoid could be restored thanks to rumored backup servers, this latest news makes it sound like one of the most popular public trackers may be gone for good.

Gmail results in Google Search now available to some field trial participants

One of Google's bigger announcements at its search-focused event earlier this week was the integration of personal Gmail content into Google Search — users will soon have the option to see Gmail results integrated right alongside other search results.

Google piracy penalty unlikely to affect YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr search rankings

A Google spokesperson told us that the new anti-piracy signal it's added to the algorithm uses multiple factors to determine its ranking, in addition to the over 200 signals already in use.

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