Google "New"


I've been a long time iOS user because I found that Apple just got how we interact (or want to interact) with technology. I'm still rocking a 4S, but recently I also added a Nexus 7 to my arsenal. Being an avid user of Siri, and more recently Google Now, I've noticed something quite interesting...

Siri's goal is to be the best personal assistant you could want. You tell Siri what you need and she will take care of it for you. On the other hand, Google's goal seems to be to empower you to get what you need. Cut out the middle-man, if you will. Apple will run with Siri, but Google is turning you into Siri.

They call it Android for a reason.

We're seeing a ton of improvements [Google, TheVerge] on basic Google Search. It can only get better, and with Google Now built in, we're on our way. Imagine Googling 'Wake me up tomorrow at 8' on your laptop, and Google setting the alarm on your phone automatically. We're already seeing this kind of tight integration work it's magic. Visit the Play Store on Chrome and you can manage the apps on your tablet. The fact that Google has their hands in everything gives them the unique ability to engineer this kind of integration. And integration is the name of the game.

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Apple's endgame is to give you the best AI imaginable. Google's is to make you the AI. Here we have two competitors driving full-speed in two separate directions. Google is racing toward singularity, while Apple is racing toward... more of the same. Who will win this race? Only one way to find out.