What's Wrong with Sony?

I'm no writer but I would like to get some of my thoughts across. Grammar errors ahead.

3 things I want to focus on is smart phones, TV, and consoles.

I've been thinking about it, and I think Sony has all the pieces to be truly great as it once was. But for the past couple years Sony has been losing money just about every year and really it doesn't look like it's going to get any better anytime soon.

First things first in the smart phone business. IF I got my facts straight Sony theoretically just got into the smartphone business by buying Sony Ericsson. But the thing is, they haven't really changed much. Again I am sure they have the materials to build a great phone but they just don't get their priorities straight.

I want to point out a few things from their smart phones that they can change to better themselves:

  1. Keep those awesome designs Sony. Xperia phones don't get much credit for their prettiness but they create some of the best looking hardware of all the OEMs.
  2. Go Vanilla Android. Sony skin is horrible.
  3. Make 2-4 handsets a year like HTC did this year. It'll help with the updates and if they don't sell as much it won't hurt as much because you are not manufacturing that many phones. Same with tablets, release 1-2 flagship tablets a year.
  4. Does Sony use it's head? Like seriously? I was reading the Xperia Ion review here on The Verge and I came across the display section where the reviewer thought the screen was good, but not up to par with the iPhone 4S's or the HTC One X's display. Then I thought to myself, OK so who makes the HOX screen? You know, the best ever on smartphones....? Guess who.....

via i48.tinypic.com

According to Anandtech, Sony makes it. I was completely dumbfounded. I mean why don't they use SLCD2? The best damn screen in the world!?! Stuff like this pisses me off about Sony.

Now for their TV business. I'm not really sure what went wrong here. But I know they are losing money, so why don't they just produce less TVs? Lower the amount of models they put out per year.
Lower prices.
Cut the crystal LED as OLED is superior. <-- this is something I don't understand as we all know OLED is the foreseeable future. They are going to be flexible, their thin, and overall have the best quality. IMO they wasted their time with that TV and should've announced their own OLED TV to compete with LG's and Samsungs. I mean Sony was the first to release an OLED, by now they should have mastered the tech.

I feel they have done a good job with the PS3 aside from the terrible starting price when it released. Although I was one 600$ buyer. Don't regret it one bit
IMO Sony has the best First party games and really good 3rd party support. The only thing I think they should change about the PS3 now is the XMB. Similar to what the Xbox does with it's yearly changes. They don't have to change the whole UI like MS did with the 360 but they really should add more features to the XMB and make it look better and work alot faster.
Like this:http://www.ps3blog.co.za/2009/03/05/new-in-game-xmb-design-v2/

Last thing would be to be able to change our PSN ID's like what MS does. Just for a small fee I wouldn't mind paying.
As for Vita, I personally don't own one but I would drop the price to $199 and add a 4gb mem card.Scrap the 3g model.
More importantly. Games. Games. Games.

Well that's all really. Sony should also scrap all that crap ware they have like Quircity and all that other crap. Sony Alpha's are nice though, my next camera will be a Sony.
Sheesh sometimes I wish I was the CEO of Sony.
Just my opinion what are your thoughts?