Mobile Phones in a Communist World

I do not know what board to post this in, but since I frequent the Android Army more than the Apple Core or MS Tribe, I thought I should start here.

Imagine if Communism hadn't failed (some may argue that it hasn't since China still proves to be a great example), and Capitalism was done with. What would have been of our technology?

When iOS 5 was announced last year, everything was about how twitter was integrated into the very core of the operating system, yet there was no mention of Facebook integration or the lack of it. We saw how Apple controlled what we shared and with whom we shared it. Microsoft's purchase of Skype (not the best example) and Android's poor integration with Facebook (come on, HaxSync is only a workaround; it isn't half as solid as the G+ integration) are solid examples how we are forced to make choices. There sure are work-arounds and replacements but there isn't one Universal Correct Choice.

This led me to dream up an imaginary world. One where we had no choices but had only the Best Option. One where we could only buy one kind of device. Don't get me wrong. The device on offer will have the best of everything. Like in a capitalist world, there will be a number of groups working on developing the ideal device, but the final product will be an amalgam of all the best features of all those individual devices and they come in 3 sizes- S, M and L and you chose one depending on the size of your hand (no more "4.7" is too big! 3.5" is perfect!"). And who makes that choice for us? Well, I haven't thought of this thoroughly. But, we do have autonomous institutions like the FCC and PEGI (for games) that operate quite well. So something on those lines that ensures that the final device has the best processor, best screen, best battery, best apps, best UX.

Every group submits their ideas and only the ones that are approved are implemented. The Design and Manufacturing are two different responsibilities that are independent of one another. So every group that submits designs/ideas gets paid and the one group whose designs are chosen get more money than the rest and they all go back to develop for the next annual device upgrade.

So, when I am in the market to buy myself THE mobile phone, I don't have to worry about it not having the best Facebook integration or having to adjust with low quality apps or a poor camera.

The entire idea isn't fool proof. Also, this is not meant to be an alternative to how the industry should operate. This is the description of an alternate timeline on Earth. Since having a lot of choices hasn't solved our problems yet, will not having choices work?

How would you like it if this were the world we were living in? Feel free to point out any holes in my theory or add on to it or suggest changes.