The Neo Geo X Gold portable console, first reported on back in January, is set for release on December 6th for $199.99. The console, manufactured by Blaze under license from SNK, will arrive with 20 games preloaded and an "expandable game card slot" (previously reported as taking standard SD cards) for additional titles. With four face buttons, an analog stick, and a 4.3-inch display of unknown resolution, the Neo Geo X should be able to handle native Neo Geo games, unlike the original Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color, which were stuck with only two face buttons.

The underpinning hardware has yet to be documented, but its peripherals have: you'll be able to purchase both a joystick attachment and a dock to connect the console to a TV through HDMI. It's not clear if there will be any multiplayer capabilities, but the lack of any mention in the official press release is worrying. We originally expected the Neo Geo X to be released back in the second quarter, but the new release schedule will help Blaze and SNK capitalize on the potentially-lucrative holiday period. You can register your interest for the handheld over at the official Neo Geo X website.