Should IE be rebranded?

Following a sub-discussion on the 'Fix IE' thread - do you think Microsoft should rebrand Internet Explorer?

There's little doubt that to the average user the Internet Explorer name is just as toxic as Hotmail was.

Rebranding the browser would be more difficult, though - and it's pretty clear they have no plans at all to do so (IE as a brand is present in Windows 8, and they've invested heavily in advertising recently)

First, you can't just give users a button to click to 'try out #newname' as they did with Outlook. And if you just change the name and autoupdate, many technophobes are going to be confused as to where their browser has gone.

Heck, it might even allow for more of a reimaining - fixing some of the problems in the original thread such as the ugly menus, lacking functionality and overly-complex and unfriendly unapproachability.

But forgetting, for now, all those other stuff - do you think Microsoft should rebrand IE?