Requesting Nokia Drive 2nd Screen Functionality

I’d like to see a “Companion App” for Drive. This new app should be designed for tablets on the major platforms; iOS, Android and Windows 8.

The main purpose of the app would be two fold. Prior to the start of your trip you could use the app to plan your route. The larger screen will allow you to see the route in better detail, manually manipulate the route to your liking and send the finalized route to your phone.

Once on the trip the tablet would continue to be utilized by a passenger in the car. Any traffic data can be sent from the phone to the tablet where it can safely be assessed; multiple new routes can be proposed and viewed on a screen that’s large enough to make an informed decision. Again the touch screen on the tablet could be used to customize any off the proposed routes and that finalized route can be forwarded back to your phone to update the live directions.

In addition to its primary focus the app could also feature “Microsoft Smart Glass-like” second screen features. As you are driving notable land marks, other points-of-interest and historical facts about the immediate area can be illustrated and even narrated on the tablet to engage the passengers.

This seems entirely doable with today’s technology… so much so, I wouldn’t be surprised if it already exists. If not, how do I get someone’s ear at Nokia to make it happen?