Apple's "Feature" Adoption Cycle

One of the trends apple follows , is the adoption of things from one device to huge number of devices which gives great integration among their products

Lets start from last 2 years :

2010 :

Game Center :

One of the 8 biggest features of iOS 4 is game center.Game Center , Now , accounts 100+ million users worldwide and in iOS 5 , it got some improvements.iPod Touch 4th gen is the first device to get iOS 4.1 as default OS (and also 4.1 is the version where game center was introduced).

As we are all aware that , Game Center was pushed to OS X as well , with Mountain Lion recently.

And who knows if apple introduces it into apple TV as well ?

Face Time :

This is basically video calling , between apple devices as we all know (and we can use skype if we want to call someone who doesn't have an iDevice).

It was introduced with iPhone 4 and pushed to iPod Touch in the fall , and then followed by iPad 2 in 2011.Facetime HD was introduced in Macs and we can expect it to go HD in future iPhones and iPads as well.

Retina Display :

This is a hardware "marketing term" used by apple to describe an amazingly sharp IPS Display (as an exception iPod has non-IPS display).Apple bought this tech to iPhone in 2010 with iPhone 4 and to iPod Touch in the same year.This year , iPad and Macs got that Retina Display.In near Future , it will be adopted to more macs soon.

Air Play :

This is one of the main reasons why i always wanted to buy Apple TV , Air Play is being pushed on very decent scale , Airplay offers good way of connecting iDevices to TV screens by simply using Wi-Fi network.It was introduced in September Event 2010 (as far as i know) , Now it is even introduced in Macs along with iPad , 4S and other devices.

2011 :

Siri :

Siri , is the primary way of marketing 4S and also differentiating 4S with 4.When apple introduced Siri , lots of videos poped up over the web regarding siri , then apple announced it is bringing Siri to new iPad with iOS 6.

But i think it will be pushed to all devices including macs.

iCloud :

Apple pushed the limits by introducing a cloud solution to consumers with iCloud which supports 9 functions which include iWork , Calender , Mail , Photo stream etc.iCloud also connects the devices and integrates them better.

One of the good things about iCloud is Cloud Sync support for apps and tighter integration between multiple devices owned by a single person/family.

iMessage :

This is another major feature introduced by apple which connects all apple devices just like Factime does.

One of the coolest thing about this , is , its free as long as we have Wifi , So even iPod Touch / iPad users can use it very easily.

This year , it is already pushed to the Mac with Mountain Lion

Other things include Notification Center , Twitter Integration etc.

What do you think 2012 features which would be seen in all future apple products ?

Or You wouldn't expect as many as we seen in past 2 years ?