What Game Development Skills Do You Have?

EDIT: Hey, if you want to discuss things a bit more in detail, you can talk to me on Steam (DocSeuss in the Polynauts group), or on Skype, AIM, or MSN (info available privately). Of, for more group-oriented discussion (and with logging, so we can remember our cool ideas!), there's always our IRC channel, #Polynauts, located on IRCHighway. If you need help getting into the IRC, just ask. I'll be uploading a preconfigured client at some point, but Mibbit works pretty well if you don't want to bother.

I know that a bunch of people on the forum have skills when it comes to making video games. Just a week or so ago, the now peculiarly-absent PABastien was drawing some kickass concept art for a project he and I were planning, and I've talked to a number of you about your various skills (mostly programming, I think, but there's a level designer and modeler or two around).

I've got no idea how serious any of you are about this, of course, except Rathorial and Shaun, so I thought it might be fun to poll some people and see what skills they've got. Maybe, if anyone is interested on working on any specific sort of projects ("I will only work on turn-based, 16-bit tower defense games featuring monster girls!"), we could throw a little game or two together--something to help each other beef up resumes and porfolios.

I have a little bit of programming skill (basically enough to help find errors in someone's code and help clean up stuff at the moment, but I'll be taking some game-specific C++ programming this fall), and, had my department not fallen apart, I'd be pretty decent at modeling by now. Unfortunately, our Dean was fired shortly after announcing his retirement ("why keep him around for the rest of the semester trololo?"), as were several key individuals ("as long as there's a book, surely there's no need to keep people who specialize in the program!"), so, while I should have been learning more advanced modeling, I instead was playing with procedural generation tools in Blender and trying to help prevent the program from being cut entirely.

So. My main skills--the really serious ones--lie in gameplay design (rules for play, balancing enemy HP and stuff, etc) and writing. Not the most apparently useful skills, you might think, especially since people have a tendency to prefer those who can produce content (programmers, artists) to those that actually bother to make sure everything works well together, but there you have it. I can write and I can design.

Here's an example of what I've been thinking about. Obviously, this is just an idea, and as much as I'd like to work on a game with people, I'm sure there are plenty of you who have your own ideas and interests, so this is more of a community interaction thread than anything else. It's about getting creative juices going and maybe having all of us help each other out.

For fun, I've been working on what I feel is a fairly simple game: the idea is that it's a randomized, 16-bit JRPG-style world. Kinda like a roguelike, with the whole random dungeon thing, but this time, it's the entire world. Even the main quest is randomly generated. I've had people tell me it'd be too complex to plot out all the outcomes... but this is also where I shine. I can plan for everything. I can establish all of the rules necessary to make things work (combat, how characters spawn, massive lists of names to choose from... everything), so the only stuff that'd be needed would be programming, to actually make it playable, art, to make it look good, and sound, because silent games are boring. I'll toss a game design doc out there in a bit for anyone who's remotely interested.

At the very least, we can have fun talking about pretend game ideas.

I'd be willing to work on just about any kind of project, though, and by December, assuming financial aid comes through and life starts not sucking, I should be able to actually perform some programming duties (and also mocap, olol).